Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Waterfall at Gunn Brook

Well there is one bright spot to all the rain we have had this summer after all. What would normally be small brooks running low this time of year are instead raging torrents with spring-like run off. So all the ingredients are in place to make this a special year for waterfall photography.

Anyway, I did not know this place existed until I got a book on the waterfalls of MA. The pics in the book show a somewhat modest stream but I thought I'd better check it out anyway. I visited Gunn Brook Falls in Sunderland for a short time this morning and was quite amazed at the size of the thing. The falls occur over some large rock ledges and are split into two parts, an upper step and a lower step, each about 15 feet high. I will certainly have to go back and shoot the scene again when I have a little more time. I would imagine winter will make for some spectacular effects as well.


DB said...

Great extended exposure. That looks like a fantastic waterfall to visit. Looks like you could almost walk right up the falls.

Peter Atwood said...

Thanks Jamie. Yeah, the ledge has a number of squared off areas. In fact there are a few natural stone steps in the side of the hill that you can climb up. This would be an amazing place to shoot a live model someday. ;)

vegassprky said...

Peter, great waterfall shots makes you want to sit in the falling water! The ice falls would be good to if theres enough water. The pictures just keep getting nicer by the picture, don't stop!!!

lauriek said...

I always like these kind of waterfall shots and that first one particularly is excellent!

If I were going back there I'd try a similar shot to the first but trying to get the camera as high up as possible. Is there a tree or something you could climb up near where that shot was taken? (Safely!)

Peter Atwood said...

Thanks for the nice comments!

That's an interesting idea Laurie. I could bring a step ladder next time maybe...The terrain is a bit tricky though.

souptree said...

Nice work, Homie!! :-D Glad to see you out of the shop and hiking!!

Gotta get you out to Yosemite sometime, waterfall man.... ;-)