Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dream State

Just got a Lensbaby Muse. This is a really neat little piece of kit that is a flexible lens basically. It allows you to make images that are partially in focus and partially distorted which results in trippy, almost surreal scenes. Very fun stuff and I'm having a blast with it. :)


DB said...

Oh heck, I love my lensbaby! They work great for doing dreamy-type portraits too. What other lenses do you have for your new camera?

Peter Atwood said...

No kidding Jamie, you have one too? :D

Other lenses:
1. Canon Nifty Fifty
2. Canon 85 1.2L
3. Canon 10-22 F3.5-4.5
4. Canon 17-40 F4L
5. Canon 18-55 IS
6. Canon 17-55 F2.8 IS
7. Canon 24-70 F2.8L
8. Canon 24-105 F4L IS
9. Canon 100mm F2.8 Macro
10. Canon 70-200 F4L
11. Canon 70-200 F2.8L IS
12. Canon 100-400 F3.5-5.6L IS

Canon 1.4x Mk I Teleconverter
Kenko 2X teleconverter

430EXII Flash with diffuser


Gitzo 0530 CF legs with RRS BH-40 ballhead and clamp
Gitzo 1531 CF legs with RRS BH-40 ballhead and clamp
Gitzo 2541 Monopod
RRS Quick release lever clamp
RRS L Bracket

DB said...

Wow, that's quite the arsenal you have! If you like the 85mm 1.2L, you should check out the 35mm 1.4L. :)

I've been eyeballing the 100mm 2.8 macro. Is that what you use for your product shots?

Peter Atwood said...

I have tried the 100 2.8 but actually I find the smaller wide angle zooms to be really good. I like the 17-40 because it is light and you can get pretty close. I use a lightbox for the indoor shots so the F4 is fine. The 24-105 pretty much lives on my camera at the moment and it does great as well. Haven't really gotten into the primes too much yet but I'll take a look at them eventually. For now I'm pretty much good to go though dontcha think? :p :D

What are you shooting with?

vegassprky said...

Peter, it gives a different look to the shots but at least for me I prefer the regular one. And there are goood!!!!!!!!

DB said...

I upgraded a few months ago to a Canon 50D with the BG-E2 grip. Previously I had a 20D + grip that I purchased when they were released in 2004, which I still have and still works great. I've whittled down my primary lenses to the 10-22mm, 70-200mm F2.8 IS, and a Tamron 28-75mm F2.8. Sold off all of my other glass when my wife and I lost our jobs a little over a year ago. I also have the 430EX and 550EX for flashes. Everything I need to shoot a wedding or two when the need arises.

codec said...

Peter, your kit sounds SOLID! How long have you been into photography?

Peter Atwood said...

Jamie, I misspoke earlier. Actually the 100mm is probably the best lens I have right now for the product shots. I have tried the 70-200 as well but you have to get way back to achieve focus. On my other camera which is a 1.6 crop camera I think that I was getting much different results with various lenses since there is that magnification factor built in. With the 5DMKII though the 100mm is really the only one that easily fills the frame.

Going to be doing a complete overhaul on the lightbox setup soon. Right now though shots outdoors seem like the best thing going.

Peter Atwood said...

CodeC, years... but only with various point and shoots. :D With DSLRs, three months or so. But I'm studying like a madman, reading every book I can get my hands on and taking many pictures. I've waited for many years to finally get a chance to look into photography further and now I'm doing it. :) Digital finally makes it truly affordable unless you're a gear maniac like me. :P