Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lensbaby Versions

Same place but I tried a couple of Lensbaby shots with a custom aperture. Kinda gives it a dreamy primordial forest feel.


DB said...

Nice combined effect with the flowing water. Custom aperture, you say? The bokeh from it is really interesting. Gives it a very aetherial look.

So, I just ordered a new lensbaby - the "composer". I found out I get a nice discount through work and couldn't fill out the order form fast enough. Can't wait to play with it. :)

Peter Atwood said...

Thanks! Yeah, they are lots of fun. I bought both the Muse and the Composer at the same time but decided that I preferred the funky Muse a little more. But now that I've used it a while I'm changing my mind and I think I'll start using the Composer now after all. The reason is that I think it's easier to focus and I have way too many out of focus shots with the Muse.

vegassprky said...

Picture reminds me of my vision first thing in the morning. Its a neat view of the water falls!! Do like your shots!!