Monday, August 17, 2009

High Point

I was told not to bother going up on the roof of the Met because the building is not all that tall in comparison to many others in the city. So for skyline view shots it would be a let down. But I had read about a funky metal Dendroids sculpture that was on exhibit by artist Roxy Paine so I decided to check it out anyway.

Normally, I'm not a big fan of what I consider "art school" types of sculpture. The most commonly seen types of welded constructions consisting of rebar and rusty metal plates are so boring and unoriginal that it is plain that the artist has no real concept of the nature of the material with which they are working. Call me a snob but that is my opinion.

So I could take the attitude that this guy just slapped some stainless steel pipes together but I honestly ended up really liking it. The views turned out to be quite nice and the sculpture provided some interesting framing opportunities. Wish I could have spent a little longer up there but I still managed to get a few decent pics.


vegassprky said...

Peter it does't look all thrown together, there seems that it may have taken quite alot of work and imagination to make it look like that! Really appears to be a tree, to make it look random would be difficult to do! Hard to think in random. Good to see new stuff!!!! :)

eman said...

I agree--branching tree.

I would love to see this for full scale to see if it "originates" from central trunk, or is more like a bush...

Very nice!